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Global Steel Stocks Perforated Sheets.  Perforated sheets that have been subject to a perforation process. Perforation is the process of punching or stamping holes or other shapes into a material in a pattern or in sequence. Carbon Steel, because of its ductility and qualities of strength, makes Perforated Carbon Steel Sheets an excellent product for screening or architectural use. 
Perforated sheets are available in a variety of metals including stainless and aluminum. 
Properties n/a Typical Uses Perforated sheet is a popular choice for screening, ornamental elements, or architectural use.


Carbon steel expanded metal is a carbon steel sheet that has been simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, non-raveling mesh with diamond-shaped openings.  It is available in a galvanized finish to provide corrosion resistance and additional strength.


Expanded metal has a favorable strength-to-weight ratio and is used in many applications that required a strong mesh material.  These include air filters, patio furniture and electronic  equipment ventilation panels.





3/32” #24 Thru 2” #9

36, 48, 60, 72”

10’, 12’

**Custom sizing also available**


Carbon steel perforated metals are available in wide range of hole sizes and patterns. Holes can be round, square, rect­angular, slotted, or decorative. The perforated pattern can be custom or one of the standard patterns.

Perforating can reduce the weight of the product while not significantly reducing the strength of the product. Perfo­rated metals have greater structural strength than expanded metals of comparable thickness.  


Carbon steel perforated metals are uses for a wide range of products including air filters, machine guards, tractor grills and shaker screens.


Various patterns and sizes available in 4’ wide X 10’ and 12’ lengths

**Custom sizing also available**

  • Regular - Is sheet simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, non-raveling open mesh.
  • Flattened - is manufactured by processing regular expanded metal in a rolling mill resulting  in a smooth flat sheet.

Mild Steel Perforated Sheet

Perforated Mild Steel Sheet also named Punched Mesh, It can be supplied in folded or flat panels.

Materials: Galvanized Plate, Cold Plate, Low Carbon Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Aluminium Plate, Alloy Plate,etc.

Features: The surface is flat, smooth, beautiful, firm and practical. Aesthetic appearance,corrosion resistance,high safety factor and be used in lots of industries for fencing . The thickness: 0.1mm-20mm, and the aperture we can reach 0.1mm.

Hole Styles: We can manufacture long holes, round holes, triangle holes, lightly pull scale holes, etc. We could make holes according to our customers.

Uses: Mining, Chemistry, Agriculture, Architecture, Air and Oil Filters, Screening process for Grain, Drying, Furniture, Hammer Mills, indoor sound insulation, etc.

Surface Treatment:  Galvanized and PE/PVC coated.Galvanized including hot-dip galvanized and electic galvanized.

Colors: white,green,blue,red,yellow etc. aluminum plate, iron plate.


cold rolled steel sheet plate
thickness: 0.2mm-1mm thickness : 0.3mm-10mm
length: 1mm-20mm size: 1.5x3m
hole diameter: 0.8mm-10mm hole diameter: 0.8mm-100mm 

Thickness or Gauge

Thickness of the matel sheets do not change during the perforation. Normally thickness is expressed in gauge, please see the picture. However, to avoid possible misunderstanding, we would suggest to express them in inches or millimeters.

Width and Length
The most common width and length are as follows:

Perforated sheet security panels are made with CNC machine computer punching, featuring accurate hole, uniform opening size distribution, can be used for architectural security screen, architectural curtains wall, partitions, guards, highway fence backing metal screen, perforated sheet decorative grilles and other engineering and industrial uses.

Popular materials applied: Stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel.

How to order:
1. Materials -- low carbon steel, ss, aluminum or others.
2. Hole shape -- round, square, hexagonal or others.
3. Hole sizes (opening)
4. Thickness and length of the materials.
5. Margins -- dimensions of blank margins if required.
6. Quantity

Types of Carbon Steel Grades Sheet

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